Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One to go!

Only one lake left! We completed the 49th in Serpent Lake. Today we were joined by Margie's cousin, Judy from Vermont in another kayak, Mickey, Ben and Pete. It is great to have others cheering us on! After the swim, Margie, Mickey and Judy went out for dinner to celebrate Margie's birthday - Happy birthday, Margie!

It is probably a good thing we are almost done - Margie is getting so buff from all the kayaking that she broke her paddle today. That made it very difficult. Good thing Judy was along so they could trade off who had the broken paddle - thanks Judy!

While we didn't see the Serpent, we did see something playing around that may have been an otter. It didn't act like a muskrat or a beaver - the two most common water animals we have seen. After the otter attacks this summer, it made me a little nervous so we gave it a wide berth!

All these cool nights of late have made a significant difference in the water temperature. With the air in the 70s, mostly cloudy skies, light breeze and the chilly water, I never lost my goose bumps for the whole swim. It was still fun though as always!! :)

Thank you to all of you who have donated - we have received over $11, 000 dollars now!  If you haven't donated yet, please do so. Any and every amount is greatly appreciated. Just 50 days ago the big goal of $12,400 seemed very farfetched, but now, thanks to our generous community, we are almost there! Simply amazing!!

This Friday, August 17, will be the 50th swim on the 50th day. We will be swimming from Whipple Beach at 5:30pm. If anyone would like to join us watching from the beach or paddling along in a kayak with us (or other mode of water transportation), you are more than welcome! The more the merrier!

The first picture is Ben (nice shirt, Ben!), Margie, Mickey, Pete and Judy. The next is the serpent (glad I did not run into him in the lake!).

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