Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kayak ready to blow???

Today we were joined by Margie's sister Jane for another fun afternoon! Jane has a blow up kayak identical to Margie's. Looking at the picture below, you can see Margie's has grown - considerably!! It must have been getting larger and larger every time it was pumped up and we just never noticed. Now we are wondering when it is going to blow - when it does, I want a video tape of Margie flying around the lake like a balloon does when the air goes out! I'll have a tough time keeping up to her if that happens!

Both of our swims were in Aitkin County today. The first lake was Round. I could really tell we have had some cooler weather lately - the water temperature has gone down considerably. This was especially evident in Round as it is very shallow. It is also very clear - I could see bottom  (a beautiful, relatively weedless, sandy bottom) over a quarter mile out.

The next lake was Farm Island. Being bigger and deeper, it was quite a bit warmer. Amazing what a significant difference that makes! Word must have gotten out that I love swimming in waves because we sure had a lot of them in this lake. Between the wind, a jet skier, a pontoon boat and another boat pulling two tubers around us, we were really bouncing! And, yes, it was fun! :)

The first picture is the two "identical" kayaks. Anyone want to place bets on when Margie's is going to blow?!
The next is Jane, Margie and McGyver at Round.
The last is Jane, McGyver and I at Farm Island Lake. 45 down, only 5 to go!

We will take the day off tomorrow so we can be at Taco John's. Don't forget! 5-9p, 20% of all sales go to the Aquatics department. Hope to see you there!

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