Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Huntington Mine Pit

Another beautiful lake and fun swim. Tonight we were in Huntington Mine Pit. This one has no boat access, just canoe and kayak access. Kay accompanied us again and she had fun exploring. (Thanks again, Kay!) We were the only ones on the lake, so there was no need to worry about boats running us over.

It just amazes me how the pits are so close to Crosby, but yet, they feel a million miles away. It is so serene and peaceful there - a place one never wants to leave. Sometime in the near future, I would like to kayak on them and see them from that point of view too.

Both pictures are of Kay preparing for our adventure.

We have no swims scheduled for tomorrow and Friday, although I will probably get in the pool or a lake just for fun. Saturday is the competition in Lake Superior from Bayfield, WI to Madeline Island.

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