Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Very fun day!!

Today was a blast! We started out on Edward Lake at Jevnings Cozy Bay Resort. The resort is just as the name implies - very cozy and some place you'd want to come back to year after year! Thanks Suzette! Joining us there were some of the YMCA members and daycare staff. It is so awesome to have a cheering section!- Thanks guys! Lake Edward was incredibly clear - as in 16' of clarity. Amazing, especially this year with all the rains and run-off.
In hind-sight we made a tactical error and took off with the wind, meaning we had to swim back into the wind. One of Suzette's guests pointed this out to us - you'd think we haven't done this before! :) Oh well, no worries, we made it back just fine.
On a side note - another of Suzette's guests said he had a grandpa on Roy Lake. When we asked if it was a possibility to use his beach, the guest said his grandpa would probably make us mow his lawn first! Hmmm.... we'll have to put some thought into that one! :) You gotta love those guests at Cozy Bay - what a great bunch!

The next lake was Lougee Lake - another very clear lake with a very entertaining bottom. The water was so clear that I could see many different kinds and sections of weeds. Some were tall and narrow with short fuzzy 'leaves", others were shorter with wider "leaves" and many different variations of colors ranging from pale green to bluey-green to bright green to all shades of brown. Most of the lake was shallow, but every now and then there would be a drop-off for a short ways, then the weeds would be back. I was so into watching the underwater world unfold, I almost over-shot where we were to land. Thanks Sandy for joining us on your paddle boat and thanks Curt for cheering us on from shore.

The third lake was Pelican. Here we were joined by 16 other swimmers and two other kayakers! Thanks Lakes Area Multi-Sport group for your support - it was very fun to swim with you! Thanks also to Marva for letting us use your beach. I hope your neighbors have recovered by now from the vehicle invasion!

On the way out we got turned around and took a scenic drive at least a half hour out of our way. But after such a fun day, even that was not a downer. This is such a beautiful area with so much to see and explore. We passed by many public assesses that we may use in the upcoming days, but then again, we may never know -  I am pretty sure we could not find them again!

23 lakes down in 13 days. Never thought we'd be this far this soon into the adventure. We have been blessed with a long string of perfect weather, so we are taking advantage of it -after all, this is Minnesota and you never know when it is going to change! We are still planning on the last swim to be in Whipple at the beach on Friday, August 17th (weather permitting, of course). It would be awesome to have many swimmers, kayakers and supporters there, so keep it in mind!! We will post a time when it gets closer.

Tomorrow we'll swim Lower Cullen and Lake Edna.

The first picture is of guests and YMCA friends at Cozy Bay on Lake Edward. Doesn't it look like a great place to stay?
The second is Curt, Margie and Sandy at the access in Lougee.
The third is the LAMS gang both in and out of the water at Pelican.

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