Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turtle and Partridge

Two more lakes down! Officially 3/5 of the way there - that is very hard to believe! I think this was the coolest day we have had, but the water is so warm this summer that it was not an issue.

The first lake was Turtle Lake. We put in at Camp Holiday - thanks Erickson's! Camp Holiday is a very nice and fun resort and campground nestled onto Turtle Lake. While the lake itself is not so big, we know it has big fish in it. There was a young guest who had caught a good sized one and was very proud of it! Today we swam in an "L" pattern to get the full mile in. Surprisingly enough, this is the first time that was necessary. With the cloudy skies and my dark goggles, the water appeared to be very dark - almost black. This lake is another loon nesting area and there were several swimming around. We kept our respectful distance from them.

Next was Partridge Lake. Between Camp Holiday and the public access for Partridge, we saw a deer with two fawns. They were young enough yet to still have their spots - so cute. Partridge is another small lake, but from the access over to the far side it was almost exactly 1/2 mile. Every now and then the sun would pop out and make everything sparkle. Both lakes were very nice and I never saw any weeds at all. Another fun day of swimming!

Margie was so worn out yesterday from Sunday that she fell asleep before dinner! I was still a little fatigued today, but definitely bouncing back. Maybe I should have fed Margie before she headed home just to be sure she got dinner tonight!

Tomorrow we are swimming Gilbert and Rice Lake.

The first picture is McGyver hanging out by Camp Holiday's sign - keep this place in mind when you want to get away for a while!
The next is McGyver by Partridge Lake.

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