Friday, July 6, 2012

Thunderstorms or not??

I woke up to a lot of thunder and lightning this morning. After checking the radar, I thought a lake swim might be iffy today, so I got into the pool. Even though I have only been out a week, it felt strange. The walls came up awfully fast and off-strokes were...,! I think the fact that I have not been swimming anything but freestyle has been the hardest part for me. I am usually used to mixing it up with kicking, pulling, IM sets, non-free sets and, of course, flip turns and push-offs! It was fun to splash around with my "pool pals" again and now I have an even greater appreciation for how sparkly clear Ed and Rich keep the water in our pools! Thanks guys!

The bad weather took a break, so we got to swim! The first lake today was Hubert. Cherri came to see us off - thanks Cherri! The lake was by far the clearest one we have been in. Even though the water was warm, with the brisk winds and the cooler air temps today, I decided to wear the wetsuit. This turned out to be a really good choice - it was VERY windy in Hubert and riding the waves was SO MUCH FUN!! :) Better than a ride at Valley Fair. Once back to shore, I realized that it was raining. Evidently it had been the whole way back- I was just having too much fun to notice. We were taking the kayak out of the lake when Cherri showed up again. She had run home to make a salad and then came back to see us finish. Thanks for the support Cherri - still waiting forthe invite for dinner though.... just kidding!

The second lake was Clark - Lucky lake #13! We pulled up to the boat landing and see a weed cutter parked there - BIG red flag!! It turned out fine though. There were some weeds but most were beneath my hand reach. What a pretty lake! Margie had to paddle like crazy to keep up with me on the way out (directly into the wind), but she got a free ride all the way back. She really enjoyed that!

Overall a much better experience today than yesterday! I am sure I will be sore tomorrow though - 2 miles in the pool, 2 miles in the lakes and being slammed around in the waves. Oh hurts so good!!

Rabbit and Clinker tomorrow.

The first picture is McGyver hanging out on the weed cutter by Clark Lake.
The second is Cherri at Hubert wondering what the heck McGyver is?!?!

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