Friday, July 20, 2012


We are closing in on $8500 in donations now! We are so overwhelmed by all your support.Thank you! Please keep the donations coming in - our big goal does not seem so far out of reach anymore!!

Two more beautiful lakes today. We started in West Twin and were greeted at the finish by Jill and her kids, Andrew and Rachel. They then led us over to Sojoblads on East Twin. Thanks guys and thanks for your support! Jill is the one who made the AWESOME map that is just inside the front doors of the YMCA! On East Twin we started from Sjoblad's dock and had lots of their family members and friends there. Thank you!

Everyone must have thought it was the perfect day to be out on the lakes (and it was!). There was quite a few fishing boats, kayaks, personal watercrafts and boats pulling wakeboarders and skiers on both lakes. This kept Margie entertained by waving at them (everyone has been so friendly!) and me entertained by rocking and rolling in the boat waves - very fun! With the extreme heat today, I actually felt warm on my back which was in the sun and cool on my front in the water . Half and half - interesting concept!

Clearwater Lake is the plan for tomorrow.

The first picture is Rachel, Jill, McGyver and Andrew.
The next is Sjoblads, two of their relatives, Margie and McGyver.

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