Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Silver Lake, no Bass

Good thing we are ahead on lakes - we only got one in today instead of the planned two. We started in Silver only by accident - unbeknownst to us, we missed the turn off for Bass Lake and followed the next Public Access sign which turned out to be Silver Lake. While the water was nice and warm and the day still beautiful, the lake was very weedy and very windy. I was in weeds the entire way across the lake. Some of the patches were pretty thick. I am getting a little tougher (or so I'd like to think!), but I still do not like swimming through weeds that are all over my face and wrapping themselves around my arms! Fortunately it wasn't that bad all the way, just in spots. The wind, however, was a force to be reckoned with. Margie got in an excellent upper body workout!! Did I mention what a good sport she is?!

After Silver, we found our way to Bass. Pulling into the access, we could see that it may be iffy. On closer inspection, we discovered we would have about a 50 yard wade through muck just to get to the lake (probably only because of the high waters this summer). Deciding to pass on this, we will try for two lakes tomorrow instead. Gull and Sylvan are the ones planned.

The picture below is of McGyver blowing in the wind at Silver.

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