Friday, July 27, 2012


Another enjoyable swim! We weren't sure this one was going to happen with the weather system that moved through, but it was in and out quickly making for a beautiful evening. We swam from Janet's dock. Janet and my daughter, Stephanie, swam with us. Janet's two children, Jack and Brook, and her mom, Karen, were cheering us on from the dock. We enjoyed a nice swim out and then the competitiveness came out in my daughter - game on! :) We battled it out most of the way back. Hmm....where does that competitiveness in her come from?? I'd like to say I can still clean her clock with ease, but in reality she makes me work my tail off (and she was probably just being nice and slowing her pace to make me feel good!). All in all, it was very fun. Isn't it always when you share a passion with your kids?

After the swim, Steph, Jack and Brook took off to check out a rope swing that Jack has become an expert on. I saw the video of them - the climb up the tree looked almost as scary as the long sweep out over the lake and the high free fall into the water.
When they got back, we all enjoyed a wonderful meal that Janet had prepared for us. Thanks Janet, Karen, Jack and Brook for a very fun evening!!

Friday and Saturday we have off, but Sunday we will swim in Crooked Lake early in the morning. The Crosby boat races are this weekend at Serpent Lake and I want to make sure I am done swimming in time to cheer my kids on! Go Mike, Jeff, Nikki and Stephanie!

The first picture is the three of us on the way out.
The next shows us swimming under the tail end of the front that passed through.
The last is Janet, Margie, Jack, Stephanie, Brook and I after the friendly competition.

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