Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rabbit and Clinker

Two very nice lakes to swim in today in two totally different ways. Rabbit was first. Thanks MacKay’s for letting us use your dock! The water was very clear and cooler than most we have been in lately. For such a large lake, the boat traffic was very minimal – surprisingly so for a 4th of July weekend! Steph joined Margie and I on our adventures today. It was fun to have her along!

Clinker was next. This lake was completely different than Rabbit in that it had very few homes (I only saw one on the whole lake) and the lake looked very small from shore with a “boggy, lily pad peninsula" in the middle. When we got out further we could actually swim part way around this peninsula making it a very scenic swim/kayak ride. This lake is a loon nesting area; while I did not see any loons, I did see a huge beaver dam and we were chorused by bull frogs. Fun experience, but I must admit I am very tired from the swims yesterday! The big waves in Hubert, although a blast, really beat me up! Margie’s arms were sore today too from battling the winds.

Upper Gull, Roy and Nisswa are on the agenda for tomorrow.

The first picture is Steph and McGyver getting aquainted on MacKay's dock; the second is Margie, McGyver and Steph at Clinker. Officially 3/10 done!!

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