Monday, July 16, 2012

Peter to the rescue!

Good thing Peter decided to come along with us for support today! He rescued us not only once, but twice. Before we even left Brainerd, the keys to Margie's vehicle got locked inside the truck. Peter bailed us out on that one using his knowledge from his car salesman days. Finally we were off to Upper South Long, but we were not clear on the directions. Again, Peter bailed us out leading the way and he even made a connection for us at a resort on South Long where we would not have to drive so far (or get misplaced again!) for our swim there. Thanks Peter! We owe you!

Upper South Long was a nice swim although I could tell I had put a little more effort into the race yesterday as I had some fatigue . The water may have had some iron in it (just a guess). We were joking at how orange my skin looked underneath it - like I had a really bad fake tan.  The temperature for the first quater of a mile or so was unbelievably cool considering all the hot weather we have had lately. Felt good on this 100+ heat index day. Margie probably wanted to trade places with me. She sure is a good sport!

South Long was not as orange or as cool in temperature with the exception of  the starting point. There was creek flowing in there with quite a strong current. We went out into the wind, but it was letting up by this time and was fairly calm when we finished. This lake had many floating weeds and lots and lots of snails floating way out in the middle -  the snails were a new encounter. Fatigue had really set in by now and I was glad to be done. Margie told McGyver "It took 28 lakes to wear her out, but we finally did it!" Hopefully, I will recoup quickly as the plan for tomorrow is Partridge and either Turtle or (Aitkin County) Round. 

The first picture is McGyver, Margie, and Peter at Upper South Long.
The next is McGyver hanging out by a rather intimidating sign at South Long.

28 done, 22 to go!

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