Monday, July 2, 2012

Lakes 4 & 5

Two great swims today! The first was in Upper Cullen. We put in at the Upper Cullen Resort (thank you!). Nice resort and a nice lake. Margie was listening to loons and watching an eagle as I was stroking away! The second lake was Middle Cullen - again a beautiful lake! The water was very warm in both, so warm in fact that I enjoyed the cold springs when I swam over them (definitely not normal for me)! Of course it helped a lot that the air was in the 90's.

We are now officially 1 lake ahead of schedule and 1/10 done with our endeavor!

Tomorrow we will attempt to conquer Hartley and Ruth Lakes.

The orange guy in the pictures is McGyver. McGyver has the very important job of marking where we start so we know where to return. I am becoming very fond of him!! :)

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