Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hartley and Ruth

Two more lakes down! I sure wasn't breaking any speed records today - Hartley was very warm, so warm in fact that I was hot! Each stroke I was digging deep to reach the cooler water (I was also in the weeds with every pull). Poor Margie in the kayak must have been miserable!! Ruth Lake was a little cooler for me and a lot less weedy. Margie was still dealing with the high air temps and no breeze though. Both lakes were very pretty. Thanks Randy for coming out in Hartley and cheering us on!!

Happy 4th to everyone tomorrow! We will try to get up to 5 lakes in (North Long, Round, Gladstone, Hubert and Clark), but scheduled work could shorten that. Don't forget about the extreme workout at the Y tomorrow morning 5:30am. I will be there leading the Lap Pool swim portion. Just a heads up for those of you who know Cahil - we will be doing his style of workout... I can't wait!! :) Swimming is fun!!

Thanks to Margie for arranging, organizing and finding places to start our swims!!  I couldn’t do it without you!

The first picture is of Margie figuring out stats after the Ruth Lake swim.

The second is part of the Beyer family (and McGyver) - thanks for letting us use your yard!! Very cute kids!!

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