Thursday, July 12, 2012

Half-way there!

I am not sure if it is coincidence or if the murkiness (from run-off caused by the massive amounts of rain we had earlier this summer) is finally clearing, but the lakes in the last couple of days have been so clear - just beautiful for a swim!

We started in Lower Cullen today and Margie's dog Espn joined me in the water! I got tired just watching her legs go a million miles per hour underwater, but she just kept going!! She got to take a nap afterwards though- it truly is a dog's life! Swim - sleep - eat - repeat. Well.... I guess in a way that sounds like me too. :)

The second lake today was Lake Edna. The wind was kicking up pretty good by now. We headed out from the access right into it. Margie got a great workout! She is going to have the strongest shoulders, arms and abs by the end of this! Coming back, she could relax and I could just ride the waves - it took about 100 strokes less to get back than it did going out!

Both lakes were absolutely beautiful- I am beginning to sound like a broken record on that, but it is so true!

Tomorrow and Saturday we are taking the days off due to prior obligations. Sunday, we will be driving the long trek over to the YMCA Camp Manitou (New Auburn, WI) to compete in a 2 mile open water competition. We'll count this as one lake even though we will be "over acheivers" swimming twice as far.

The first picture is Espn and I in Lower Cullen Lake.
Next is Espn sporting #24 and Margie.
And the last is McGyver doing cart-wheels after finishing #25! No clue what I am doing?!?

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