Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gull and Sylvan

Two more beautiful lakes and another fun day! Despite the rainy morning, the skies cleared and it became warm and sunny. We started on Gull from Kristi's very pretty home.  Laurie and Josh joined me in the water today and Kristi (on her water craft) helped out Margie keeping us safe. Thanks Kristi, Laurie and Josh! This made the swim all that much more fun. Gull was very calm in the bay we were at and no boat traffic at all (although we did see a snapping turtle off the end of her dock).

Next we headed over to Sylvan Lake. Here we were met by Paul and his three awesome kids who were fishing and playing in the water - I see open water swims in their future! :) This lake was very busy with boat traffic and the wind had pick up incredibly. Once again, Margie got a great workout paddling and I was having a blast being tossed and pushed around by the waves.

The first picture is Laurie swimming in Gull.
The next is Laurie, Josh and I hanging out at the half mile mark.
The third is Josh stroking back.
Next is Margie, Laurie, Kristi, McGyver, Josh and I on the dock after completing lake #37.
The last is Paul and I with his three kids, Taylor, Sam and Braden hiding behind #38.

Tomorrow we will swim in Sibley Lake near Pequot.


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