Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Graves and Nokay

Today we started at Graves lake. Heidi invited people over to cheer us on from her beautiful home. We were accompanied on the water by Christa and Anita in kayaks and Jennifer and Morgan in the paddle boat. Heidi thought Margie’s kayak looked like it was on steroids compared to hers! Graves is another of our area’s beautiful lakes. There are so many – who knew? They are all unique and pretty in their own way. The water temp was really warm, but cooler down deep. While I was swimming, others went for a run around part of the lake. I think I got the better deal as it was perfect in the water and pretty hot to be running! After Graves, Margie and I took off for Nokay Lake. This one was a little cooler and we saw loons, great blue herons and bull frogs. We also saw a farm on the lake - first time we have seen that on our adventures. Margie wore a Go-Pro on her head, so we hope to have a link to that video soon. It will be fun to see my kayaker’s point of view (mine is pretty repetitious: weeds, then no weeds, weeds, then no weeds)!
After Nokay, we headed back to Heidi’s for some food and socializing. It was an absolutely beautiful evening. Good friends, good food on a pretty lake - with no bugs - in a park like setting - watching the kids play, tube and ski. It doesn’t get much better than that! Thanks Heidi for a fun afternoon and for all the donations from people who came!

Officially 2/5 done!!
Tomorrow the plan is Lake Edward, Lougee and Pelican. I look forward to swimming with some of the Mult-Sport Group in Pelican!

The first picture is Tammy, Morgan, Jennifer, Heidi, Christa, Lori, Teagan and Tali (the dog) at Heidi's house on Graves.
The next is Margie by the Nokay Lake sign with the Go-Pro on her head looking very determined about something!

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