Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gilbert and Rice

Two more lakes down. The first today was Gilbert- thanks Meyers for the use of your dock! Today was the coldest we have had yet and very overcast. We went out into the wind, swam in an arc to get a half mile, then turned around and came back. Once on the dock, it was chilly being wet with the breeze, so I decided to put my wetsuit on for Rice Lake.

Rice was a lot more sheltered from the wind and the water felt warmer too, so maybe the wetsuit wasn't necessary - there is something to be said for being warm though. Karen, with Shirley kayaking, joined us on this lake - they had a head start however, and were almost finished when we began. Because of the iron content and my dark goggles, the water looked like cherry coke on my skin! This was another nice swim out, back and over a little ways to get the full mile in. Margie had to contend with the current, I however, did not even notice it - it helps that I have an awesome guide! Thanks Karen and Hank for your dock and for the shower afterward. I would have looked really attractive going to the Arboretum with an iron-algae "five-o'clock shadow"!

Tomorrow we are taking the day off - we are going to be at 50 lakes way ahead of schedule at this rate! Friday we will swim East Twin Lake and West Twin Lake.

The first picture is McGyver and I relaxing on Meyer's dock after the Gilbert Lake swim.
The next is Margie, McGyver and I on Karen and Hank's dock after the Rice Lake swim. I had intended to post a picture of Karen with us too, but my phone was set to video instead of camera. The video is really humorous listening to Hank's commentary!

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