Sunday, July 29, 2012

Early morning!

We had a very early swim this morning! I arrived at the public access on Crooked lake at 5:35 am and Peter was already there!  He is a self - professed early morning person, which is evident from his cheery smiles and words of encouragement (Thanks Peter!). Now, if I could only convince him to swim with me!

The sky was starting to show some light when we took off, but it wasn't until we rounded a bend that we saw the beautiful sunrise. It was absolutely gorgeous! I kept lifting my head to see it rather than using good  technique (sorry Coach Hal!). A little way out, I noticed a fishing boat had joined us. It was a very nice couple (Marilyn and Roy) I know from the YMCA who have a cabin on Crooked Lake. It was great to have them along although I feel a little guilty because it was so early and they had a houseful of guests. To make things worse, it started raining sometime on the way back. They stuck with us until just before the landing, however, and I am sure they got soaked! Thank you for the support Marilyn and Roy, it is greatly appreciated!

The first picture is me swimming into the sunrise, the next Marilyn and Roy in their boat and the third is McGyver with Peter holding #40. As you can see in the first picture, I was obeying the Suggested Slow Speed sign, keeping my wake to a minimum. :)

Tomorrow I will be back in the pool and the tentative plan for Tuesday and Wednesday is to swim in  a couple of the mine pits (Pennington and Huntington). Our intention of this is to prepare (in a little cooler temperatures) for the open water competition that Margie and I will both be participating in next weekend. This will be a 2.1 mile swim from Bayfield, WI to Madeline Island. Fun - fun!

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