Thursday, July 5, 2012

Disappointment Today

The plan for today was Borden Lake and Mille Lacs. We went first to the public access on Borden. A kind elderly gentleman in his fishing boat told us that the water was very dirty (and we could see that) until you got out past the weeds....I can handle a little disgusting water, but the weeds he was talking about were at least a quarter of a mile out - no thanks!!

So that was failed mission # 1.

Next we headed to Lake Mille Lacs. I was very excited about this lake. The last time I swam there, it was clear with a beautiful sandy bottom. Today was a different story. The overwhelming odor of dead fish permeated the air and the "clear" waters were a thick soupy green. On top of that lovely scenario, the lake was filled with floating globs that reminded me of the junk that collects on the bottom of the lawn mower. They were not sporadic either, they were EVERYWHERE! Not wanting to have another failed mission, we decided to take the plunge – literally. We were hoping it would clear up the further we got away from shore, but that never happened. With pretty strong winds out of the NNE, the waves got bigger and bigger. Normally, I love the challenge of big waves. Today, however, not so much. Because of all the floating globs, I wanted to make sure that my airway was completely clear of the water before breathing in (the thought of sucking one of those in makes me shudder!! – Yuck! Not sure I could've even gotten air in if that had happened). To compensate, I kept my head much higher and rolled probably 30 degrees more to each side before breathing. With the modified stroke and the big waves, this was tiring. Once done, I was very happy to be back on shore. I felt creepy and itchy all over. So that was not a failed mission, just disappointing and one I am very glad to be done with!! Margie too – she got a workout with the wind and waves and probably got a little high from the odiferous smell!!

Driving past Kenney Lake on the way back, we thought I could “clean up” a bit in hopefully nice water. That plan was put to a quick end though too. I had checked the site just a few weeks previously and it was very doable. But, with all the warm weather lately the lily pad bed had grown immensely and it would have been very tough to get out to the clearer water.

So that was failed mission #2.

By now my “itchys” were getting worse – time to give up and head home to the shower. I had to hold my breath to keep from gagging when I took my swim suit off. My body and my normally white shower floor were slimy green – ew! I scrubbed and scrubbed!

Note to anyone who is thinking of trying to swim in 50 lakes – START EARLY in the spring before the “nasties” take over.

As we go on, we may need help finding swim-able lakes. I’ll post more about that later if needed. As before, please give us a “heads up” if we have posted a lake that you know is not so great for our endeavor – it would be really appreciated. I really don’t want to contract some funky disease this summer!! J

Tomorrow the plan is Hubert and Clark; Rabbit and Clinker are the plan for Saturday; and Upper Gull, Nisswa and Roy on Sunday.

Below, McGyver is smiling, but the cheeriness was just for the picture. On the inside he was screaming "get me out of here!" If you look closely, you can see a few of the globs in front of him.

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