Sunday, July 8, 2012

3 more done!

Three more fun lakes today! Steph and Margie’s mom, Mickey joined us – Steph kayaked again and Mickey enjoyed the scenery from the docks.  We started from Point Narrows Resort.  A beautiful resort  nestled in a very unique location. On one side is Upper Gull Lake, on the other Bass Lake. There is a channel that connects these two and more channels that lead to Nisswa Lake and Spider Lake. Thank you for letting us start today’s adventures  at your quaint resort!
Upper Gull was the first today. This lake was filled with many springs and was the probably the coldest we have been in. We were entertained by a wake boarder once we got out farther.
After Upper Gull, we went over to Bass. Bass was much quieter boat wise, but we saw some wildlife. There was a long channel  with lily pads on either side that we swam/kayaked through.  A great blue heron was watching us from the lily pads as we meandered along our way. Margie and Steph were dive-bombed by a swallow – evidently we came to close to its nest!  Mickey visited with one of the residents at the resort who gave us a donation! Thanks Ann!
Next we were off to Debby’s house on Nisswa lake. This was a really fun time as both Debby and her dog (Chloe) swam with us! Afterwards, Debby treated us to homemade zucchini  bread and watermelon and gave us a tour of her beautiful  vegetable and flower garden. Thanks Debby and Chloe.
Tomorrow we are taking the day off for some much needed rest and relaxation before we venture off to Heidi’s house on Graves lake on Tuesday. We may possibly go to Nokay Lake after if time permits.
The first picture is Mickey, Margie, McGyver and me after Upper Gull and Bass.
The next is Debby and Steph with Chloe wearing the number for lake #18.
The last three are Debby (orange cap), Chloe, Margie and I.

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