Friday, June 29, 2012

First day- Mission Accomplished!!!

We made it through the 1st day!! We started in Red Sand - I can't say that was the most pleasant experience. During the swim I was accompanied by many huge slime-balls (at first I thought they were gigantic boulders!!) and there was a pretty strong breeze giving Margie a workout to keep the kayak going straight. On a positive note, the water was warm (82) and I didn't need my wetsuit.
On a side note - if we post a lake where we are going to swim that someone knows is slime-ball filled, please give us a "heads up"  it would be greatly appreciated! :)

Lake 2 was White Sand (Thanks Fishers for letting us use your beach!). This was a much more enjoyable swim although I needed to keep moving to stay warm (didn't wear the wetsuit).

Lake 3 was Perch. Thanks to Rahn's and all the supporters there cheering us on. As you can see from the picture I wore my wetsuit for this one. I am a freeze baby and get cold easily. (And yes, Coach Hal, I need to keep my fingers together!).

No swims this weekend as I will be my kids biggest fan at their boat racing competiton (Go Hansen Racing!), but we will be back at it Monday. The plan is Upper and Middle Cullen.