Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why are we doing this?

Our Aquatics Center is such an awesome place for kids and families to play and have fun. However, over the years, some of our floatable "toys" have disintegrated and become unusable. The funds raised will go to replace these items. Our first goal will be a new alligator. If that goal can be met, we will work on getting new safety pads for our lily pad crossing. PLAYTIME, the company that makes these, has gotten excited about our challenge and has offered us a significant discount if we can come up with enough money for both!! They are not cheap and the shipping is outrageous because of the size and heavy weight. We are looking at a total of $10,500 for both plus approximately $1900 for S&H.

Lots of money? - Yes; Attainable? - we will see!!

If this big goal cannot be met, we do have a need for other smaller less expensive items (ie swim lesson belts, diving toys and games for lessons, aquajog belts and/or swim team equipment) . Any money donated will not go unused and definitely will be appreciated!

Pledge sheets will be available soon - Charity Ball is our priority right now, but when the dust settles from that big event, more info will be coming!!

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